Gun Control Idea:

I was watching the movie "180degrees South" last week. The best statement in the movie is that when you come up to cliff you can either take one step over the edge or turn 180degrees and take a step away from the edge. Either way you are still moving forward. In America we have reached the cliff with guns. I propose taking the 180degree turn and travel in a totally new direction with Bullet Database System (BDS).
How BDS will work:
We all watched at least one CSI show where the police are standing over a body. They are looking for clues of who had done it by looking for finger prints, DNA, and other items left at the scene. I don't know how it works but each gun leaves a unique print on the bullet like our finger prints.
I propose that we create a BDS of all guns in America over the next 2 years.
Stage One:
All gun manufacturers would need to fire a bullet from each gun sold and enter the bullet into the BDS. Their guns would be stamped with BDS on the gun indicating the gun is registered in the BDS. Also, an original copy of the bullet would be mailed to a warehouse holding the BDS bullets. I would also want a microchip put deep inside the gun with the serial number of the gun. This would help track the gun even if someone were to remove the serial number from the gun. I do understand that some shotguns do not leave a unique print because they don’t use rifle barrels but most guns sold would be in the BDS.
Stage Two:
All guns currently in retail stores which would include gun shows would have to send in a fired bullet for each gun to BDS before they can sell their gun to the public. Their guns would also be stamped BDS.
Stage Three:
Gun owners would register their gun's serial numbers over the Web into BDS. Over the next 2 years they would take their guns to a gun dealer to have their gun's bullet registered into the BDS. If they want to sell or gift the gun to another person a gun dealer must create the BDS and check the background on the proposed new owner.
Why create a BDS:
Currently a person can go to a gun show and buy 10 handguns for cash. He can remove the serial numbers for the guns and sell them to street gangs for a profit. The new system tracks the guns and the gun runner can be tracked back by the bullets from the gun. Both gangs and gun runners would not want to use guns stamped with BDS on the gun.
Other gun proposals that could help change our current path over the cliff:
Gun owners would be licensed just like you have a driver's license. Bullets could only be purchased by licensed gun owners.
Raise the age of when people can purchase guns.
In less than two years from today I want to be watching a current CSI show and the first thing the police examine are the bullets left by the killer.

Can Yellowstone save some of humankind?

We are at a Wile Moment in World Time!
As a boy I enjoyed watching the cartoon “The Road Runner” where Wile E. Coyote would try to catch the road runner bird. During every cartoon at least once he would miss the turn and end up over the edge of a great canyon. There was always a moment in time before he would fall that he would test the air with his big toe. Wile’s face would change to “oh shit” then he would begin to fall ending in a large cloud of dust on the canyon floor. Using the Wile analogy to climate change we are somewhere over the edge. Guy Mcpherson would say that we are at least at the “oh shit” stage of the analogy and I have to agree with him. There is no saving all of humankind. We need to begin to look at lifeboats to get us through the coming bottle neck we will be facing in the near future.
Before getting into my proposal to hopefully save some of humankind, let’s take a quick look around the world at why it may be too late to save all of us. Peru in South America relies on the glaciers for their water needs which are melting away to zero. India and Pakistan are already fighting over the water from the glaciers keeping over 2 billion people alive. Both already hate each other and have nuclear weapons. What could go wrong here? Last summer the refugees from the Middle East overran the European nations. They put up a few fences but thirsty and starving people will not be stopped by fences. I will not bore you with all the examples but it is safe to say that in the coming years refugees will become a much bigger problem.
During the sinking of the Titanic in 1912 the people in the lifeboats kept their distance from the hordes of people in the freezing cold water. If they had tried to save all the people in the water, all would have died. I propose that we create a lifeboat located in the middle of the USA.
Let’s first take a look at Yellowstone National Park. As a young boy we took two National Lampoon family vacations from Wisconsin to California camping our away a cross our great nation. Both times we stopped at Yellowstone and still have great memories of our visits to the park. Here are some facts about the park:
1. Yellowstone has about 300 active geysers and about 10,000 thermal features
2. Grand Prismatic Spring pumps out over 4,000 gallons of boiling water every single minute, making it the largest hot springs in North America
3. The average year round temperature of Yellowstone is 35° Fahrenheit
4. Yellowstone National Park is 63 miles long and 54 miles wide
Old Faithful erupts every 91 minutes
5. Yellowstone National Park has approximately 2000 earthquakes yearly
6. Yellowstone National Park has more than 300 geysers
7. Yellowstone National Park is an active super volcano.
8. There are only 30 active super volcanoes in the world and Yellowstone Park is one of them and the only one to be located on land.
9. Yellowstone Park has one of the world's largest calderas, measuring 45 X 30 miles
On the Internet I found just one article stating that if we tapped into Yellowstone’s geothermal fields, we could produce half the energy needs for the USA. I hope by writing this article that some MIT math wizard can confirm the amount of energy we can produce for one of the world’s largest caldera. I would not ever consider ruining one of the world’s great wonders but remember that we are at a Wile Moment in world time. We can’t go back 40 years and to change course. If President Jimmy Carter had won his second term, we may have kept going on increasing the use of renewable energy in USA and the rest of the world. The first thing President Reagan did was remove the solar panels from the White House.
How I see that geothermal would work in Yellowstone. Built over the caldera of Yellowstone would be a power plant with thousands of electric generators. Water would be sent down the 10,000 thermal features which would return as steam to turn the generators producing the electric. The steam would then travel through a radiator to transfer the remaining heat to heat water that will be used to heat many acres of greenhouses that will
provide tons of food year round. The heated water can also heat regional living areas and factories. The water would be on a closed loop and would be again sent down the thermal features to be turned into steam again. Yellowstone would be developed by the USA government because of the massive startup costs. Note that our current government pays over 100 to 200 million dollars for just one fighter plane. The electric would be sold to the power companies at below their costs of producing electric using coal or natural gas. The government would be paid back over time by the selling of the electric to the power companies. I understand that green groups will at first want to stop the project of tapping into Yellowstone, but remember that if we are able to reduce USA CO2 output in half it could help reduce the total CO2 in the world. USA has over 1300 separate electric companies they already sell their extra electric to each other. Large power lines would be needed to be run to distribute the large amounts of electric produced from Yellowstone. These lines could be funded by the electric companies benefiting from the low costs electric.
Phase two of my proposal is the moving of water from the Mississippi River to the thirsty Great Plains and Southwest USA. East of the Mississippi river the USA has much more water available. The moving of water from the east to the west would take enormous amounts of electric which Yellowstone could help provide. The project I propose is to recharge the Great Plains Ogallala Aquifer water table by moving some of the water from the Mississippi river to be pumped to the Great Plains for growing food. More water would be moved from the Mississippi river during the high waters of the spring than during the lower river months. The area farmer would pay for the water and would also pay for the water they remove from the Ogallala Aquifer water table. Currently China and Saudi Arabia are buying large areas of farmland and pumping out the water to grow crops that they are shipping back to their countries. They are stealing our water! Southwest USA will run out of water in the next 20 years or less. They need to change their water usage but to have all of Southwest becoming refugees would swamp the remaining USA regions with thirsty and starving people.
Phase three of my proposal is helping our neighbors to the north and south of the USA. We will need to send some our electric to both Mexico and Canada to keep them living in their countries. Mexico will also need water to grow food. This is to prevent our neighbors from becoming refugees into the USA. USA residents may someday become refugees moving north to Canada in the next 50 years or less. Remember that I am trying to create a lifeboat in the middle of the USA.
Other side projects we should consider.
1. Between Canada and USA should develop the Great Lakes region to product large amounts of mushrooms, nuts, fruit, and berries using some of water from the Great Lakes.
2. Start developing food forests throughout Canada and USA. This would be farming the forest for mushrooms, nuts, berries, and raising animals like pigs in our forest.
3. Developing community gardens near both large and small communities which will reduce the travel distances of our food plus would be healthier options for the people.
The last thing you want to be in the next 20 years is a refugee. Just look at how the Middle East refugees are being treated during their migration through Europe. Climate change will be creating 1000 times’ more refugees in the coming years. Remember that people don’t become a refugee until they have tried every other possible option available to them.
There will be people saying that by tapping into Yellowstone we are poking the bear. We could cause a super volcano that would end human life on earth. I say that a super volcano could happen but if we do nothing we will not create a huge lifeboat in the middle of the USA but a few small ones throughout the world. Plus if we were to wait 20 years the government would be too weak to create the Yellowstone power plant.
I am going to be 58 years old this year and have a good life with my wife Judy. We could just keep my Yellowstone project to ourselves and live out our life on our 20 acres of great soil in upper Wisconsin. Like the book “Mice and Men” we have rabbits and can live off the fat of the land. At least until the thirsty and starving refugees show up at our front door in the next few years. So maybe I am not writing this article to save humankind but to keep the refugees from over running our little Garden of Eden.